Since the arrival of the software language for relational database, many free and proprietary software about SQL came to the public. As the technologies progress, smart data analytics becomes an important element for various business. BigObject is a software solution that not only fulfills the fundamental requirements of SQL but also incorporates advanced data analytics techniques to meet today's data analytics requirements.

What makes BigObject unique, is its In-data computing technology. Today, most of data analytical solutions pull mass amount of data out of the hard disk to the memory. Those analytical solutions then apply their instructions upon those data pulled to the memory. With revolutionized In-place computing technology, BigObject pushes its code into the database and avoids the frequent data fetch and hard drive access efforts. As a result, BigObject solution is able to perform query faster with less hardware resource required comparing with other solutions.

This document serves as the guide for the users to explore some of the main functionality within BigObject solution. We will first introduce some basis of SQL like database operations in Basic Data Management section. After that, we will go through several advanced data analytics techniques that BigObject solution offers in Advanced Data Analytics section. To help users understand better, we will use a fictitious company called ABC company for most scenario cases to demonstrate as examples.

A quick background on ABC company:

ABC company is a service provider company. It owns many members who use its service to gain reward points for coupons. ABC company's main business is offering services to various corporate customers such as Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola for its market research. ABC company adopts BigObject solution to help managing and analyzing its database for the business need.