The CREATE USER statement creates new Object accounts. For example, the following statement creates user abc with password xyz.


The DROP USER statement delete BigObject accounts. For example, the following statement delete user abc.

DROP USER 'abc';

The GRANT and REVOKE statement assigns or revokes privileges to user accounts. Note that the granted privileges are applied globally on all databases. The general syntax are

GRANT privilege on *.* TO user;

REVOKE privilege on *.* TO user;

The following table lists privileges for GRANT and REVOKE:

Privilege Description
ALTER Alter table
CLUSTER Cluster query capability
CREATE Create database and table
DELETE Delete table
DROP Drop table and database
FILE Load data
INSERT Insert table
UPDATE Update table

There are several administration commands available. Below is a list of those commands:

Command Description
SHOW CLUSTER List cluster
SHOW TABLES List available tables in the current workspace
SHOW CLUSTER TABLES List tables in cluster
SHOW ASSOCIATIONS List available associations in the current workspace
SHOW TREES List available trees in the current workspace
SHOW CONFIG Show current system configuration
DESC TABLE table_name Show meta-information of a table
DESC ASSOCIATION association_name Show meta-information of an association
DESC TREE tree_name Show meta-information of a tree
SET DATE_FORMAT "%Y-%m-%d" Change date format for input data
SET DATE_TIME_FORMAT "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S" Change date_time format for input data
SET PRECISION n Set the default decimal precision for FLOAT and DOUBLE
SET TABLE_TYPE row/column Set the default table type for CREATE TABLE statement