For those users who were already familiar with MySQL, this section presents some major comparison between MySQL and BigObject.

Data Types in BigObject

BigObject Type Description Comparable MYSQL Types
STRING encoded string ended with NULL(0) character N/A
CHAR fixed-length string 1 CHAR
VARSTRING variable-length string; suitable for non-repeatable strings 1 VCHAR
BYTE single character(ASCII range 32-126) N/A
INT8 8-bit integer TINYINT
INT16 16-bit integer SMALLINT
INT32 32-bit integer INT
INT64 64-bit integer BIGINT
FLOAT 4-byte floating point FLOAT
DOUBLE 8-byte double precision floating point DOUBLE
DATE32 year, month, and day of month (4 bytes long) DATE
DATETIME32 date and time (4 bytes long) DATETIME
DATETIME64 date and time (8 bytes long)
IPv4 Internet Protocol version 4 INT
IPv6 Internet Protocol version 6 CHAR(16)

[1] VARSTRING and CHAR cannot be used in CREATE TREE attributes directly.