Service endpoint for importing LUA embedding to enrich BigObject's capability.

POST /script

Script name is what identifies the function provided, as specified by Programming for FIND

The POST body can be multipart/form-data, or a direct stream. Endpoint accept Transfer-Encoding: chunked.

For direct streaming, the path name must be specified to match the name of the script uploaded. For instance

curl -v --data-binary "@./myawesomescript.lua"

In a multipart/form-data upload scenario, users should not add last path segment. Instead, users should declare the file name such thatfilename field is set within Content-Disposition field.

curl -v -F "file=@./myawesomescript.lua;filename=myawesomescript"

Users may include as many parts as they like to upload in a session.

Clients may optionally send gzip-ed content with Content-Type: application/gzip to reduce transfer time.